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Description of the school

The Private Vocational School Pro scholaris was founded in 1996 and it is the oldest private secondary school in the Žilina district and recently based in Bytčica, urban quarter of the Žilina city.

Providing 3 fields of study, the school has become more competitive since it enables the study of Business Academy, Regional Tourism Management and Information Systems and Services (IT).

The basic pillars of the school include:

  • client-oriented approach to the students and parents based on open communication, mutual respect and partnership,
  • selection of high-quality teachers,
  • individual and human approach of the teachers to the students,
  • emphasis put on the development of communication skills in oral and written form within mother and foreign language,
  • tight connections with practice,
  • high standard in education of foreign languages,
  • high standard of the material and technical equipment,
  • guarantee of the same tuition levels during the 4-year study,
  • assurance of clearly set student benefits for the tuition,
  • prizing the best students (lowering the tuition, prizes for the school representation and for the best year projects),
  • securing the safe environment without crime, bullying and drugs.

Students of are given a fully-equipped notebook at the beginning of their 4-year study (Business Academy and IT) or they receive several animation courses for free during their 4-year study (Regional Tourism Management). This comprises horseback riding, rafting, alpinism, yachting, downhill skiing.

Other features of the school include, e.g.:

  • regular thematic lectures performed by the experts from practice (financial sector),
  • practising firm (company led by students),
  • transparent, objective and fair assessment based on percentage,
  • focus on practice using the KROS accountancy software,
  • Tourist Guide – the expert course is implemented into education,
  • free tutorial classes,
  • tuition depends of the students´ results (the better the results, the lower the tuition)

 School has been involved in the Erasmus+ platform resulting in seven international projects which have been realised up to this day (2015-2021). This enabled students to travel and learn in foreign environments by enhancing them to use English for communication. Just to mention: Youth in Action (2012) or two of the Comenius projects (2013-2015).

Students select one of the languages as Spanish, Russian and German which are taught as the 2nd foreign language. Ethics or Roman-Catholic religion are other 2 optional subjects.

Approximately 70% of the annual graduates continue at a university after the completion of their high-school studies. The rest finds jobs in the private but also in the public sector like administration, offices, accountancy companies, etc.

The Private Vocational School Pro scholaris has co-operated actively with dozens of important partners in Slovakia such as The Slovak Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Learn2Code or the Slovak Entrepreneurship Association.

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